sand painting--(Red-crowned crane) 1. Handicraft sand painting which be made with Natural color sand It is Be good for interior decoration and full of artistic value 2. We supply Customized products, you can transfer your photos or the Celebrity Portrait, we will make it with the natrual color sand for you accurately 3. All our products can be changed with in 15days after you received them

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sand painting--(Red-crowned crane)



Natural sand, oxhide gelatin,canvas

Size or Measurements

Size: 85*130 cm Weight: 14 kg



NOTE from SandPainting

1. This product need to preorder, so your order will be delivered after 15--20days of your buying. 2. If you buy it more than 10 pieces, please feel free contact us by email before your order. Thanks

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$4179.16 usd

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